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Safe permanent fat loss at home. Tested and recommended by Dr. Bob FRCS MD.

CryoShape treatment.

Home self application Fat Freezing machine. No invasive, No needles and no down time. A fraction of the cost compared to treatments at clinics. 

Lose upto 25% Fat permanently.  New Cordless Fatfreezer CryoShape is super fast and convenient. Treatments are just 15-30 mins long and you see up to 25% fat loss after 2 treatments in 6 weeks by just following 3 simple steps.  Lipolysis is the turning of fat into fluid that is then naturally flushed out of your system when you go to the toilet.  Cold Lipolysis is the application of controlled cool temperature to a treatment area resulting in this process.  There is no pain or intrusion. If you follow the 3 step process and apply two treatments to each area of concern, you will see and feel the fat loss.  Remember, that these fat cells killed do not return. 

We have developed, manufactured and marketed home fat loss machines for eight years.  Each machine is certified and regulated.  This is the genuine machine sold by the manufacturer.  Do not buy imitations. We are exclusive UK distributors. 

Studies show that cryolipolysis to be a safe and effective way to freeze body fat.  Because of the natural way your body dissolves away the fat there are no saggy pockets left behind. Our cryoshape treatment uses our patented Thera light therapy which actively targets fat cells.  Studies reveal that when the sun’s blue light penetrates the skin and reaches the underlying fat cells the fat shrinks.  

CryoShape is the only safe wearable medical equipment that allows you to apply effective Cryolipolysis treatment application at home.  You have no down time and you are in control.  Similar treatments cost thousands of pounds and you have to visit an expensive clinic; which suits those that have the money and are regular visitors to clinics.  For those that prefer their privacy, want to save hundreds of pounds and choose to take a treatment when it suits them, the new supercharged CryoShape is the answer. 

CryoShape is cordless and comes with instruction booklet, home charger, fat measuring callipers, elasticated belt, meal plan and 1 pack of 10 protection sheets.

We have tens of thousands of happy customers for our generation 1 and 2 machines; The new CryoShape delivers twice the results in half the time.  We would love to hear about your results!

With effective application, you can see a 20% reduction in fat loss. Cryliopolysis is a safe and effective way to reduce fat.  CryoShape is our most effective machine resulting in significant fat loss in treated areas. An independent 8 week study concluded;

Body Fat mass across the group went down by 4.97 lbs. 68% of weight lost was actual body fat. 90% 'Agreed' or 'Strongly Agreed' their love handles diminished more quickly than previous exercise and diet plan alone, they would recommend to those that need to target love handles and belly pouch and were 'Satisfied' with their results.

Statistical Analysis:Statistics is the method of showing that the differences found would be the same if another similar group of subjects were tested. Normally, what is accepted in comparing fat loss equipment or programs is P < 0.05 (95 out of 100) or P < 0.01 (99 out of 100). Meaning that 95 or 99 times out of 100 we would obtain the same results with any other small group of subjects.

      1. Body Weight changes: For N = 26 Body weight Pre testing was 142.6 lbs. and weight Post testing was 135.3 lbs. an 5 % weight loss and statistically significant result with P < 0001

      2. Belly Girth Inch changes: Pre = 33.3 inches; Post = 32.2 inches and change is a 3.3% drop which is also significant with P < 0001

      3. Fat mass changes; Pre = 41.1 lbs.; Post = 36.1, drop is 12% of fat, and statistically significant as well. P < 0001

      4. Skin Fold: Belly: pre 23.7; Post 19.8 a percent decrease of 16% and statistically significant as well.

      5. P<0001

      6. Skin fold Love handles: Pre 44.5; Post 34.5 % decrease of 22% and statistically significant as well.

        P < 0001.

We found statistical significance for fat loss, weight loss, belly inch loss, and caliper fat pinch loss in the Fat Freezer System Study.

The statistics show (T Test) the losses to be Significant. This means a majority of users with weight, inches and excess body fat to lose could expect similar results generated in this study.

After several years supplying the Slimfreezer to thousands of happy customers, and now our revolutionary 3rd generation cordless CryoShape, there are still many who may feel hesitant to ask questions about the product. So we have asked questions for you, enrolling the help and advice of the esteemed surgeon Dr. Bob Soin. Bob trained at Cambridge, St Mary’s Paddington and Oxford and was a lecturer at Oxford University . Bob specializes in general surgery including upper gastrointestinal surgery, endoscopy, hernia and hemorrhoids treatments.

Slimfreezer customer

We have many people who ask about the Lipoloysis process. Can you explain this?

Dr. Bob

Lipolysis is the term explaining the turning of fat into fluid. This process has been understood for many years. When you apply certain temperatures to a local area of the body for a period of time, this is when lipolysis occurs.

In the case of cold lipolysis, the fat cells just below the skin surface when frozen with crystalize and die. These fat cells do not return.

CryoShape customer

So what happens to the fat?

Dr. Bob

When a controlled temperature (in the instance CryoShape) that is a regulated controlled cold temperature, which is important for best results, the fat cells just below the skin crystalize and die. They then harmlessly pass through your body over the following few weeks. This process is called Apoptosis

What results can I expect?

Dr. Bob

Results will vary, but there are numerous examples of approximately 20% of the fat cells in the treated area being lost.  

When will I see and feel the results?

Dr. Bob

You will start to see and feel the results in a matter of weeks. We always encourage you to massage the treated area once the treatment is finished. This increases blood flow and stimulates collagen. It helps speed up the breaking down of the dead fat cells.

Does this mean I don’t have to exercise and care about my diet? 

Dr. Bob

Absolutely not. Exercise and a balanced diet are very important. Even moderate exercise and eating a healthy diet is so good for you in many ways. No, CryoShape is not a replacement for this. Let me explain it this way, when you consume more calories than you burn, your fat cells will increase in size, so you look and feel bigger. Conversely, when you burn more calories than you consume, your fat cells reduce in size and you feel and look slimmer. The fat cells are always there. CryoShape will extinguish fat cells so once they are gone they never come back.

 How often can I treat the same area?

Dr. Bob

We recommend a wait of 4 weeks before treating the same area as this allows time for the dead fat cells to pass through your body. Do remember that the treatment area is the size of the metal plate. So if you are treating a larger area, say all around your tummy, then this will need several treatments.

 Do you mean I don’t have to exercise or worry about my diet? 

Dr. Bob

You should always do moderate exercise and eat a healthy balanced diet. The CryoShape treatment compliments a healthy lifestyle and for many it gets rid of the fatty areas that just don’t seem to move even with a healthy diet and exercise.

 Is it safe to use?

 Dr. Bob

If you have any concerns you should always consult your doctor. You shouldn’t use if your are pregnant,

have any heart-related illnesses, suffer from epilepsy, fever, inflammation, dermatitis (acne, eczema, herpes), warts, open or recently stitched wounds, serious or progressive illnesses (cancer, AIDS, hepatitis, blood diseases, etc), blood coagulation problems or mental illness. So if you are healthy and use as instructed, the CryoShape is perfectly safe treatment.

Does it hurt?

Dr. Bob

You may feel some numbness during and shortly after the application.   This is normal. When I use CryoShape it is not painful.

You mean you use CryoShape? 

Dr. Bob

Sure…it’s very easy to use. I let my family use CryoShape.

We have several requests from new mums asking if CryoShape can help reducing their tummy fat. Would CryoShape help in this case?

Dr. Bob

This is a good example of where CryoShape is effective. Of course young mums priorities are the baby and their health. But it can be challenging for mums to get their body back to how it was before pregnancy. The CryoShape will help to trim fat from the tummy area.

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