With effective application, you can see up to a 20% reduction in fat loss. Cryliopolysis is a safe and effective way to reduce fat and CryoShape is our most effective fat freezing machine resulting in significant fat loss in treated areas. An independent 8 week study concluded:

Body Fat mass across the group went down by 4.97 lbs. 68% of weight lost was actual body fat. 90% 'Agreed' or 'Strongly Agreed' their love handles diminished more quickly than previous exercise and diet plan alone, they would recommend to those that need to target love handles and belly pouch and were 'Satisfied' with their results.

Statistical Analysis: Statistics is the method of showing that the differences found would be the same if another similar group of subjects were tested. Normally, what is accepted in comparing fat loss equipment or programs is P < 0.05 (95 out of 100) or P < 0.01 (99 out of 100). Meaning that 95 or 99 times out of 100 we would obtain the same results with any other small group of subjects.

      1. Body Weight changes: For N = 26 Body weight Pre testing was 142.6 lbs. and weight Post testing was 135.3 lbs. an 5 % weight loss and statistically significant result with P < 0001

      2. Belly Girth Inch changes: Pre = 33.3 inches; Post = 32.2 inches and change is a 3.3% drop which is also significant with P < 0001

      3. Fat mass changes; Pre = 41.1 lbs.; Post = 36.1, drop is 12% of fat, and statistically significant as well. P < 0001

      4. Skin Fold: Belly: pre 23.7; Post 19.8 a percent decrease of 16% and statistically significant as well.

      5. P<0001

      6. Skin fold Love handles: Pre 44.5; Post 34.5 % decrease of 22% and statistically significant as well.

        P < 0001.

We found statistical significance for fat loss, weight loss, belly inch loss, and calliper fat pinch loss in the Fat Freezer System Study.

The statistics show (T Test) the losses to be Significant. This means a majority of users with weight, inches and excess body fat to lose could expect similar results generated in this study.