CryoShape Treatment

CryoShape Treatment Areas

The CryoShape fat freezing belt can be used on numerous parts of your body. Use your CryoShape on your under-arms, love handles, thighs, hips, buttocks and the most popular - the stomach or belly. Make sure CryoShape is properly secured to the body part with a Fat Freezer pad between skin and plate. Although everyone’s body is different, the stomach is commonly divided into 6 sections (front and side) so you can treat all 6 sections during your treatment.

Your CryoShape is killing fat in the treatment area every time you use the system. The treatment area is 100 cm2 (10cm x 10cm).

Fat Freezing Treatment Areas

Your CryoShape is very effective in the following body areas:

Target Your Stomach and Love Handles: this includes the whole tummy and side area (love handles). Because the CryoShape is cordless, you can continue a treatment while on the cool is that!

Target Your Under Arms: CryoShape will get rid of the upper arm fat (bingo wings).

Target Your Hips and Thighs: CryoShape will get rid of fat on the thigh inner and outer.

Treatment Frequency

You can sequentially treat adjacent areas, ensuring no overlap and not treating an area more than once a month.

Treatment Time: The new CryoShape is twice as powerful as previous models, halving the treatment time to as little at 15 mins (in certain areas).

Treatment Instructions

  1. Charge your CryoShape using the charger supplied before use. Disconnect before use.
  2. Loop one end of the Velcro belt around the handle of one end of the CryoShape FatFreezer machine.
  3. Apply a protective pad to the desired area of your body (one treatment per pad. Do not re-use the protective pads.) Only used CryoShape FatFreezer certified pads – if you need to buy more additional pads can be purchased here.
  4. Carefully place your CryoShape machine (metal plate) over the protective membrane (make sure the metal plate does not have direct contact with your skin).
  5. Wrap the Velcro belt firmly around the body part and apply the other end around the opposite loop and attach the CryoShape firmly.
  6. Press either the ‘15’ or ‘30’ time allotment button to turn on your CryoShape (Note: 15 minutes for toning area, 30 minutes to treat fat cells in that area).
  7. You will hear the machine start, see the front ventilation doors open and start to feel the penetrating treatment.
  8. You can press the OFF button at any time. Your CryoShape will automatically beep and switch off at the end of the treatment time (15 / 30 minutes).
  9. Remove your CryoShape and place it on a flat surface. The cooling doors will remain open for a short time as your machine self regulates. Let your CryoShape machine sit for 10 minutes to return to normal temperature before cleaning and storing away.
  10. Gently massage the treated area of the body, using circular motions for at least 2 minutes.