We often get asked how does our CryoShape fat freezing belt compare to other cryolopolysis treatments, such as Cool Sculpting? That’s why we’ve created the below comparison chart to help you understand the key differences between these highly effective treatments, and see for yourself what CryoShape can offer in terms of a safe and easy to use fat loss treatment.
  CryoShape Cool Scuplting
Does the treatment freeze fat?
Fat cells will crystalise and burst
Can the treatment be used at home?
How long does 1 treatment last? Between 15-30 minutes, with an additional 5 minutes of massage time required Around 30-45 minutes followed by 30 minutes of hard massage to the area
How is the treatment applied? Directly to the skin surface with a protective gel sheet in place to prevent irritation Skin is clamped between two plates like a mammogram
Does the treatment retain a low temperature throughout?
Do I have to stay still during treatment? No - CryoShape is portable so you can carry on with your daily life as you use it Yes - Cool Sculpting requires you to be still and lie down during treatment
How often can I use the treatment? Every 30 days, but in between, you can treat multiple different areas from the comfort of your own home Every 30 days
How many treatments will it take to see real results? 3-4 treatments 3-4 treatments
Can the treatment be used on the body? E.g. love handles, stomach, thighs, hips, and upper arms?
Can the treatment be used on the face?
What’s the cost? The cost for 10 treatments is £190, then additional protective gel sheets are required at £9.99 for 10 The cost for 10 treatments is £2,000+
Is the treatment effective?
Cryoshape is applied to smaller areas, which over time will accumulate to give the desired effect